Lapland, where Christmas happens all year

In this northern European territory, almost everything is related to the holiday season and for this reason there is a festive atmosphere throughout the year. After all, this is where, on December 24, Santa Claus sets out on his sleigh to distribute his gifts around the world.

Finnish Lapland is ideal for traveling together, with family or group of friends. There are countless atypical activities to enjoy, such as driving a sleigh pulled by reindeer and huskies, snowmobile safaris, contemplating the natural spectacle provided by the northern lights and, obligatory stopping, visiting Santa’s house.

During this event, besides the presentation of the destination, the participants will have the opportunity to taste the typical gastronomy of the region, as well as to know some traditional music of the Lapps.

B the travel brand Xperience October Event Schedule:

October 10 – Travel Talk about Peru with World Tour. Come and see what Peru is so unique and special.
October 16 – II Photography Initiation Workshop, with Nuno Mota Gomes. Light, speed, aperture, frames, but not only.
October 24 – Travel Talk on “Women Traveling Alone”. Rute Obadia will share your experience as a solo traveler.
October 29th – Mobile photo editing workshop with Nuno Mota Gomes that will demonstrate some essential tips to apply on your travels and share on social networks.


All events that take place at Xperience are free and free and aim to discover the world and to promote the learning of new places, peoples, cultures and landscapes and undoubtedly the desire to escape.

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