Largest European exhibition with LEGO pieces is now in Lisbon

Until the spring of 2021, the largest exhibition of models with LEGO pieces in Europe will be present at Cordoaria Nacional. With a total of 7 million pieces in more than 2 thousand square meters, the exhibition prepared by more than 20 people contains dozens of thematic areas.

More than 100 showcases and individual models, the exhibition also features a 1:25 scale Titanic supermodel, 11m long and 3m high, and was built with around half a million pieces. Models like the Star Destroyer, the Marvel Avengers, Disney characters, some sports stars, among others, can be seen here, in this exhibition for the whole family.

This exhibition also has a more educational area, with the human skeleton in full size, and all the systems of the human body. This area is one of the most sought after by families as it has a lot of description and knowledge for the little ones.

‘Fun Park’ is another area available in the Cordoaria building. With about 300 square meters, it offers tables to play with LEGO pieces, a space to create structures from huge pieces, and other attractions.

Alongside this exhibition, visitors can also visit the 3D Trick Gallery – a 3D image show, ideal for taking funny selfies.

Both exhibitions are at Cordoaria Nacional, and can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 8 pm; and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 10 am to 8 pm, until March 21.

Tickets start at €9 per person for one of the exhibitions, but there is a combined ticket for both shows starting at €13.50.

Check out the gallery below

Rafał Szymański, the creator and founder of this exhibition, attended the presentation live from Poland where he explained the origins of the exhibition.

Rafał explained that it all started about 7 years ago when he bought his first Lego kit for his youngest son, Jacob, to keep him focused and that going forward was an activity to share with his son.

Currently, there are 3 exhibitions open at the same time, Lisbon, Bilbao, and Warsaw, and according to the Polish the journey is running “bigger than expected

Cordoaria Nacional is undoubtedly a historic place for Lisbon and Portugal. After the 1755 earthquake, the building was designed in 1770 and built between 1783 and 1786.

It was a cord and velvet production building, in 1960 it was a spinning and uniform production area, and over time Codoaria has been a hospital, a prison, a barracks, and a special navy court.

Cordoaria currently keeps the archives of the navy, has ceased to have its industrial functions, and has been converted into a cultural building, where it receives temporary exhibitions.

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