Largest street musical theater in the country celebrates Santa Clara Monastery

The country’s largest street musical theater show, held in Vila do Conde, this year will celebrate the seven-hundred-year history of the Monastery of Santa Clara, the ex-libris of the county’s patrimony.

In its fourth edition, ‘A Port for the World’ has the title ‘Janelas da Alma’, depicting the stories of the Clarean nuns of the Monastery of Santa Clara from the time of the foundation of the convent to the years of the Portuguese Civil War.

“It’s a spectacle that speaks of people who would be anonymous, but who made history happen,” said Amauri Alves, the creator and director of the show. “The story is made through the people, who really make the gear of events happen.”

Anonymous are also the elements that give body to “A Port for the World”, since cast of 400 people is composed of amateur actors, in their great majority natural of the county-condense county.

“The show has grown again, which will certainly bring more excitement to the audience. It involves a lot of people who want to exist and be part of the history of Vila do Conde,” added the director.

This involvment of the population in the event leaves the local mayor, Elisa Ferraz, “very moved”, reminding that this is “an inclusive spectacle”.

“Feeling the strength and interest that this show brings to our city, because it is unique in the country, and the fact that the actors are members of our community, some of them with disabilities, is very exciting,” said local mayor.

Each session of the show, which takes place in the riverside area of ??the city, next to the replica of the 16th century ship, has the capacity to be attended by 5200 people, but the tickets for the four days – 17, 18, 19 and 20 of August – have exhausted in less than five hours.

The organization decided to promote one more day of show, on August 21, and tickets, with a value of 5 euros, will be on Tuesday put on sale.

“At the present location [in the riverside area of ??the city], we have already reached the physical limit in terms of welcoming the public.Now depends on the City Hall [the promoter of the show], the next course to give this” A Port to the World ” , said the director Amauri Alves.

On this point, the president of the village-condominium council explained that it is not feasible to hold more dates “since the cast is almost all amateur, and also has the right to enjoy vacations,” and was reluctant to change the location.

“We’ve been thinking a lot about it, but there’s a mystique attached to this riverside space that makes it unique. It’s something that’s been on the table, but it’s hard to find a place with this setting,” Elisa Ferraz acknowledged.

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