Latoaria Maciel (1810)

Cais do Sodré

You know what you do in a tin-work shop? Get in this one and leave with the whole lesson studied. History does not lack. In 2015 the doors of the famous Casa Maciel were closed in Rua da Misericórdia. Margarida Gamito, of the seventh generation of proprietors, had two paths: to conform to the end of more than two centuries of history or to breathe new life into the house her father had entrusted to her. The second option prevailed, of course. Even because there was no way to resist being the first woman in charge of the business. A year and a half later and with a little shove from Catarina Portas, Maciel reopened doors in Cais do Sodré and regained the original name. Space is camaraderie and incomparably smaller (the former occupied the ground floor of two buildings), so much was left out. Records of old orders and donations (among them, bowls of food for zoo animals), lanterns almost as old as the store itself and moulds that never end. Maciel is also teaching the craft in the renovated Bairro Alto Market, now the Craft Market.

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