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LAV recebeu Kataklism e Soilwork

Soilwork returned to the Portuguese stage after releasing “Övergivenheten” in 2022 and was joined by Kataklism and Wilderun at Lisboa ao Vivo.

Björn “Speed” Strid’s group was the star of the night when they presented “Unconquered“, their most recent album, after the year 2022, marked by “Övergivenheten”, but also by the loss of the guitarist of a decade, David Andersson.

Soilwork was joined by Kataklism, who were at the last edition of Vagos Metal Fest, and also by Wilderun, who released their fourth album last year, “Epigone“, the symphonic and folk progressive metal band, which was for the first time in Portugal, a fourth band was also announced, which ended up not materializing.
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