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Lea Bertucci + Audrey Chen | Barreiro


Emerging American composer and performer whose work focuses on the relationship between acoustic phenomena and biological resonance. In addition to his technique and instrumental practice on alto saxophone and bass clarinet, his presentations tend to integrate multi-channel broadcasting in sound systems, electro-acoustic feedback, tape bonding work, among other experimentation processes in music and sound, without itching by the musical expectations with which the public and the critics have reached it. He returns to Barreiro after the first stint at OUT.FEST 2018.


North American of Taiwanese descent with classical cello and voice training; one of the happy cases in which the maxim “you must learn the tradition to more easily subvert it” is applied, since his work (either solo or accompanied by some of the lamps of free European and world improvisation) today, it is an impressive manifestation of the hidden and untapped capabilities of both instruments – particularly the voice, which Audrey uses in unison and harmonies almost impossible to believe with a small modular synthesizer that accompanies it.

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