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Lena d’Água celebrates Valentine’s Day at Tivoli

‘Montepio, Às vezes o Amor’ Festival

Nothing better than good music to celebrate Valentine’s Day, that’s what Lena d’Água gave us, good music, romanticism, and beautiful and timeless moments with her music.

Lena continues with her own way of being, her voice, better than ever.

Lena d’Agua -Festival Montepio As vezes o Amor > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.02.14

From the 80s, with ‘Robô’, ‘Vígaro’, Dou-te um Doce’, ‘Demagogia’ to the current album ‘Desalmamente’ with ‘Grande Festa’, ‘Minutos’, ‘Enquanto assim For’, ‘Voltas Trocadas’, ‘Queda para Voar’, the singer delighted us with her affection, friendliness, and generosity.

New and less-young couples responded to the concert,, in love, danced and sang to their songs, and at the end of the concert, they reciprocated with a sincere ovation.

As part of the ‘Montepio, Sometimes Love’ Festival, this was the second concert to take place in Lisbon and, for us, one of the best.


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