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Lena d’Água | Hard Club

Lena d’Água returned to original records with that, which for many, was the national album of the year. “Desalmamente” is included in the top of all national media lists, having been chosen by Blitz as the most relevant album of 2019.

“Desalmamente” was published in May 2019. All lyrics and songs are by Pedro da Silva Martins (Deolinda, Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Deolinda, Cristina Branco, Sérgio Godinho), with arrangements by João Correia, António Vasconcelos Dias , Sérgio Nascimento, Mariana Ricardo, Francisca Cortesão and Benjamim, with the production of the last four.

Thus, Lena d’Água joined a series of new employees in this renewed phase of her career and it is with them that she presents, on February 27th and 29th, respectively, in Room 2 of Hard Club, in Porto and Lisbon at I live, in Lisbon, your new live album.

The first single from this album, “Grande Festa”, also present in many lists of the best national song of 2019, will guide what will be these concerts of one of the most celebrated and iconic Portuguese singers of the 1980s, Lena d’Água.

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