Leo Middea presents the new album “Gente” and tour in Portugal

One of the most relevant artists of the new generation of MPB, the carioca Leo Middea launches the new album of originals, “Gente”, on the 2nd of June, and will present it on a tour of Portugal.

On the 20th of May, he will be in Olhão at República 14; on the 8th of June it’s Lisbon’s turn, where the musician will perform at B.Leza; on 5 de Julho he performs in Mondim de Basto, at Favo das Artes; on the 6th of July he will be in Porto, at Maus Hábitos; on the 15th of July in Almada; in September he will be back, this time on the 9th in Funchal and then on the 19th of October he will be charged again in Porto.
“Gente” is the fifth album by Leo Middea and will be released through the French label Pineapple French Pop. This is the first work by Leo Middea to have a physical edition and with digital distribution by Altafonte Brasil. The new album was recorded in several European cities and is produced by Breno Viricimo, with the participation of the Brazilian singer living in Portugal Mallu Magalhães in “Borboleta Efeito”, a single that was released in March. “Gente” also includes the participation of the singer Curandeira and the trumpeter Béesau in the theme Balanço de Amor, as well as several talented instrumentalists.

In the last year, Leo Middea has performed all over the place: Portugal, Brazil, France, Holland, England, Italy, Spain, and Cape Verde. The musician has traveled the world accompanied by his guitar and his sweet and catchy songs – such as “Lisbon Lisbon” or “Freguesia de Arroios”, are streaming champions on various digital platforms. He currently lives between Lisbon, the city where he recorded his previous albums: “Vicentina” and “Beleza Isolar” (2020), and Barcelona. Anyone who sees him on stage is surprised by his energy and incessant presence from beginning to end, sometimes solo and sometimes accompanied by his band.

“You are all very welcome! This is the beginning of the album, but if you’re listening to it at random, it could be the end or if it’s a playlist, the next song could be “Give Me The Night” instead of “Borboleta Efeito”. Well, this record is produced by Breno Viricimo and we think fondly of each track mixing feelings of love, joy, loss, anger, pain, hope, and contemplation, that is, a picture of life in attentive ears. Today is April 22, 2023, but it could be June 8, 2038, if you are listening on June 8, 2038. Long live this record, enjoy it and listen without moderation.” – Theme “Que Sorte” by Leo Middea.

  • 20th of May – Olhão – República 14
  • 8th of June – Lisbon – Bleza
  • 5th of July – Mondim de Basto – Favo das Artes
  • 6th of July – Porto – Maus Hábitos
  • 7th of July – Coimbra
  • 15th of July – Almada
  • 9th of September – Funchal, Madeira
  • 19th of October – Porto

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