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Leslie Howard and Ludovico Troncanetti

Pianists Leslie Howard and Ludovico Troncanetti join two pianos, playing a program as suggestive and exciting as it is rare, based entirely on the art of variation. Includes unknown Fantaisie, op. 73, by Anton Rubinstein, central figure of Russian culture who founded the St. Petersburg Conservatory, the bubbling Variations on a Theme of Beethoven, the work of visionary and eclectic Camille Saint-Saëns, and a set of acrobatic and tireless variations prepared from from an unpublished manuscript by Franz Liszt, which were recently discovered: Great Variations of concert sur un thème des Puritains S654i.

Anton Rubinstein Fantaisie, op. 73
Franz Liszt Great Concert Variations on the Puritains of Bellini, S654i (Hexameron Shots)
1. Introduction: Extremement lent (Liszt)
2. Theme: Allegro marziale (Bellini, transcribed by Liszt)
3. Variation I: Ben marcato (Thalberg)
4. Variation II: Moderato (Liszt)
5. Variation III: Bravery (Pixis) – Ritornello (Liszt)
6. Variation IV: Legato and Graceful (Herz)
7. Variation V: Alive and Brillant (Czerny) – Fuocoso energetic molecule; Slow Almost Recitative (Liszt)
8. Variation VI: Broad (Chopin) – (coda) (Liszt)
9. Finale: Molto vivace quasi prestissimo (Liszt)

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