“Let Yourself Be Free” is the first single by Silva Lining Band

and presentation of "Lisboa", the debut album

Born in Lisbon, and raised in London. Born in London, and raised in Lisbon. Three generations, two cities, one family. Nuno, Catarina, and Tiago, with Portuguese roots and English charm, a fusion that gives rise to the Silva Lining Band.

Born in Lisbon and having moved to London at the age of 10, Nuno Silva didn’t take long to fall in love with Santana’s ethereal sounds, coming from his sister’s room, and quickly discovered his passion for drums and percussion that took him on a musical journey until today. Playing to crowds of more than 50,000 people, in venues such as Alexandra Palace, Ronnie Scott’s, and The 100 Club, and with artists such as Georgie Fame, Sarah Jane Morris, and Eddi Reader, their children, Catarina and Tiago, could not help but be infected for this enthusiasm in the various rehearsals and concerts they attended. No wonder they ended up sharing the same passion for music.

Silva Lining Band’s debut album, Lisboa, to be released by the end of the year, includes more than 12 musicians and covers various styles, from Funk to Swing Jazz and Rock. “Let Yourself Be Free”, the introductory single, begins with a danceable rhythm and vibrant melody, filled with percussion meshes and funky, ear-splitting brass lines.

“Let Yourself Be Free” was inspired by post-pandemic rejuvenation. When confinement eased, people wanted to party and Tiago made the most of it. The energy radiated by everyone Tiago crossed paths with inspired him to pick up his pen and guitar and create “Let Yourself Be Free”, a tribute to letting go and the celebration of getting back together with friends. We tried to recreate this party spirit in the music video by having nothing less than a big party. Filmed by the talented Pedro Salvado, the party was a success and the soul of the song materialized. Written by the band’s co-founder, Tiago Silva, with production by João Sanguinheira and also by Tiago Silva, “Let Yourself Be Free” makes anyone want to have fun and dance until dawn.

Live in Lisbon, November 10th, at Parque Mayer.

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