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Brands Like Bands with an inspiring challenge that will put Portugal at the top.

It is in this difficult period that we have to come together to fight this pandemic in the same way that it spread, in a viral and worldwide way, what happened at the beginning of the quarantine, with people in Italy singing on the balconies, in Portugal something also inspiring is happening.

Our country and the world are at home, but it is in Portugal that we are trying to overcome this in the best possible way. With several colleagues, with a band created among themselves, they make music recordings, each in their homes, both impacting and motivating their remaining colleagues.

The idea came from Brands Like Bands and the challenge is simple: If there is something that is happening here in our country that is so inspiring, why not also spread it worldwide?

Portugal is considered an example in the fight against covid-19, so why not also contribute to this example worldwide?

On May 1st, International Workers’ Day, and under the umbrella of Brands Like Bands, we will inspire the world with Vestas DC Porto, Cisco, Grupo RHmais and more!

This is not a marketing campaign, it’s something that happened and is still happening in an organic and inspiring way. As music is a powerful communication tool, are we going to create this chain and put Portugal at the top of the world, helping our collective trust?

Vestas DC Porto


Grupo RHmais

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