Lets talk about the new Android 11

What we already know about Google’s new operating system: Android 11

In February, Google announced some news for Android 11 and this month more features of the new operating system (OS), whose first version is intended for application developers, were introduced.

The official version was due to be presented at the Google conference in May, but in the meantime the tech ended up canceling the event due to COVID-19.

According to Google, Android 11 will allow you to synchronize the contents of the apps to the keyboard of the smartphone, gaining animation, at a time when apps and games will be able to establish a rate for the frames for the windows.

As for software updates scheduled for the night, there are also improvements. With the new OS, the smartphone will have to restart in any way for the update to be applied, but it will not be necessary for the phone to be unlocked for applications and messages to “return” to normal operation.

In this update, Google also guarantees that this is the right time for developers to test applications, with the launch phase of the beta version of the Android 11 approach.

In addition to the ways of viewing adapted to new types of screens, new features such as “Chat Bubbles”, visible when other applications are being used, and the possibility of inserting images in response to notifications, may also arrive.

You can also find a native screen recording tool, as well as a feature that can activate dark mode depending on the time of day.

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