LG unveils new line of QNED TVs in 2021

As the 2021 edition of CES approaches, this time in a completely digital format, LG is now offering more details about the equipment it will present at the event.

The South Korean manufacturer explains that the new TVs promise to make a giant leap in terms of image quality, with a total of 10 models with 4K and 8K resolution and dimensions up to 86 inches.

Thanks to the combination of Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies, the brand claims that the QNED line TVs are capable of displaying images with realistic colors, while the LED panel, with almost 30,000 Mini-LEDs, allows for better contrast. The screens also have a 120 Hz refresh rate for even more fluid moving images.

LG’s QNED televisions, which will be on display through the brand’s online banking at CES 2021 starting January 11, are not entirely new. TCL Series 8 and 6 TVs, for example, also use Mini-LED technology.

On the other hand, Samsung has been investing in Micro-LEDs on televisions like the well-known “The Wall” presented in the 2018 edition of CES.

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