Liliana Cá is the fourth in the qualification and is on the verge of the finals

The Portuguese athlete Liliana Cá competed today in the first qualifying group to launch the European Athletics record and won the fourth place with 58.37 meters, 13 cm of qualification direct to the final.

As fourth qualifier in her group, the Portuguese athlete has a strong chance of reaching the final, with the qualification of Group B still going on.

Liliana Cá, from Novas Luzes, got the mark right after the first rehearsal and then made two nulls. Three athletes in this group achieved direct qualification: the Germans Sahnice Craft (61.13 meters) and Claudine Vita (59.18) and the Italian Daisy Osakue (58.73).

“It was a brand that came close to qualifying. It was the first one, I was feeling soft, but then I tried to risk, so the null,” said the athlete after qualifying, still not knowing if he is accurate, but confident.

For the athlete this “is a mark that will give the final”, what was his desire.

“In the end, the desire is to increase the classification, the higher the better,” said the athlete, who was on the runway to be helped by Paulo Reis, national coach of the launch, since the coach of the athlete, Herrio Costa, can not be in Berlin.

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