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LINA_ announces special dates at Cafe de La Danse in Paris, at the Womad Festival in the UK

and is present at several European and national festivals!

LINA_ continues in its mission of taking Fado Camões to some of the most prestigious international stages, thus reinforcing the increasingly notable global reach that has led it in recent years to receive the most rave praise from specialized critics and the most vehement applause from audiences from several continents.

This concert is part of a broad tour that began in January and has proven to be a huge success: the Portuguese fado singer, who sold out the Parisian L’Hermitage last March, now announces a new date in Paris at the prestigious Cafe de la Danse, at the Womad UK Festival and at several European and National Festivals.

Released globally on January 19th by the prestigious German publisher Galileo Music, Fado Camões represents a deep dive into the essence of fado, enriched by Camões’ unique poetry, and marks a new chapter in the musical journey of this talented artist.

After having conquered the world alongside Spanish producer and musician Raül Refree with an emotional tribute to the incomparable Amália, celebrated on international stages, LINA_ presented a new partnership with renowned British producer and musician Justin Adams. Together, they explore a bold fusion between fado tradition and a contemporary approach, elevating the art of fado to new heights of expression and emotion.

The inspiration for Fado Camões came from a deep immersion in Amália’s life and work, leading LINA_ to discover a surprising affinity with Camões’ poetry. “I was intrigued to explore Camões’ vast work beyond the ‘Lusíadas’ and ‘Sonetos’, realizing how his themes could harmoniously intertwine with fado and its metrics”, said the artist.

Nuno Júdice, poet and essayist, described this meeting between the singer and the poet as sublime: “To sing a perfect poem, only a perfect voice. The way they reconcile makes us hear, beyond the tempos, instruments and words, the very corner of poetry.” It is in this context that LINA_ and Justin Adams delve, exploring a fusion between fado tradition and contemporary elements

With a history of collaborations with names such as Robert Plant, Tinariwen and Brian Eno, Justin Adams brings an innovative approach, enriching LINA_’s compositions with his vast musical and cultural experience. In the studio, accompanying LINA_ and Justin Adams, were Pedro Viana on Portuguese guitar and the renowned John Baggott, known for his work with Massive Attack and Portishead, on piano and keyboards.

This is the starting point for a series of highly anticipated concerts with which LINA_, once again, intends to embrace the world.

Upcoming concerts


  • 08.05 Ruy de Carvalho Auditorium, Carnaxide (PT)
  • 17.05 Imaterial Festival, Évora (PT)
  • 31.05 Klangvokal Musikfestival, Dortmund (DE)


  • 09.06 Book Fair, Leiria (PT)
  • 10.06 Praça da República, Aveiro (PT)
  • 29.06 Med Festival, Loulé (PT)


  • 05.07 Førdefestivalen, Førde (NO)
  • 26.07 WOMAD (UK)
  • 28.07 Folk Holidays, Oslavou (CZ)


  • 02.08 Dr. Jazz Festival, Borovets (BG)
  • 13.08 TBA, Frankfurt (DE)


  • 08.09 Festival do Avante!, Seixal (PT)
  • 15.09 Special Guest, Minos Matsas Concert, Athens (GR)


  • 05.10 Tenerife Auditorium – Camera Hall, Tenerife (ES)
  • 23.10 Cafe de la Danse, Paris (FR)
  • 27.10 Misty Fest, Teatro S. Luiz, Lisbon (PT)
  • 30.10 Misty Fest, Casa da Música, Porto (PT)

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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