Linda Martini took the stage at São Luiz

Musicbox Takeover # 1 performs a series of nine shows between July 9th and 19th at Teatro São Luiz

The band Linda Martini took the stage at Teatro São Luiz for the Takeover # 1 project by Musicbox

Musicbox launched the challenge to EGEAC and Teatro Municipal São Luiz to take over the Sala Luis Miguel Cintra for the realization of the initiative that started yesterday, July 9, with Linda Martini, and throughout this and next weekend Lavoisier, The Legendary Tigerman, Moullinex, Márcia or Bruno Pernadas will be some of the artists who will take the stage.

Takeover #1 by Musicbox invited Linda Martini, one of the most acclaimed Portuguese alternative rock groups of this century, to present their work until today released, before the release of their new full album.

Takeover #1 – Musicbox

O São Luiz Teatro Municipal volta a abrir portas.A música regressa à Sala Luiz Miguel Cintra com a programação Takeover #1 – Musicbox. São nove concertos entre 9/12, e 15/19 de julho. O primeiro é já amanhã, dia 9, às 21h, com os Linda MartiniConheça o cartaz completo? #Egeac

Publicado por Câmara Municipal de Lisboa em Quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2020

The concert started around 9 pm in the Luis Miguel Cintra room, and the band managed to give an energetic performance where the audience felt their music even with due precautions and distance.

Hélio Morais, the band’s drummer, said that, in addition to Linda Martini being a band, they are friends, and the mandatory confinement and social distance was a “strange” period for the band and it feels good to be back on stage.

Linda Martini were born in 2003 and are a rock band. André Henriques, Cláudia Guerreiro, Hélio Morais and Pedro Geraldes are part of its formation. Since 2006, the group has added five albums: “Olhos de Mongol” (2006), “Casa Ocupada” (2010), “Turbo Lento” (2015), “Sirumba” (2016) and “Linda Martini” (2018). While they are preparing the sixth long run and the beginning of a new cycle, Linda Martini took the stage at Sala Miguel Cintra in São Luiz for a concert focused on the themes of the works already published.

Today and on Saturday, July 10 and 11, São Luiz hosts Baile Sentado, an initiative by B.Leza that brings the rhythms of Funaná, Coladera and Kizomba to the hands of Tito Paris, Nancy Vieira, Maria Alice and Jon Luz, on the 10th, and Batida, a project by producer Pedro Coquenão that will present the show “The Algorithm is not African!“, on the 11th.

On Sunday, the 12th, the voice and guitar duo Lavoisier, present their latest album “Miguel Torga por Lavoisier: Viagem a Um Reino Maravilhoso” (“Miguel Torga by Lavoisier: Journey to a Wonderful Kingdom”) composed of music texts by the Portuguese writer Miguel Torga, with sound and visual art by João Bento.

Next Wednesday, the 15th, it is the turn of the singer Márcia to perform solo and then, on Thursday, the 16th, the Legendary Tigerman takes the stage in one-man-band format, with the special participation of saxophonist João Cabrita.

Friday, the 17th, Moullinex and his band take the themes of their new album on stage, and on Saturday, the 18th, it is the turn of Bruno Pernadas to present his latest album “Those Who Throw Objects at the Crocodiles Will be Asked to Retrieve Them “.

The last day of Takeover # 1 – Musicbox shows is in charge of Ghost Hunt, who have just released their second album, II, in a session that has the flutist Violeta Azevedo opening.

In the shows, the spectators are seated individually, with a gap between them and mismatched between rows, the friezes and boxes are intended for cohabitants of the same household. In addition to the hygiene rules, the use of a mask inside the theater is mandatory.

More information about Takeover # 1 – Musicbox here.

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