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“Beautiful” documentary feature film by director Margarida Gramaxo premieres in Brussels

It is today – May 7th, at 6 pm – shown at Cinéma Galeries, in Brussels, in a joint event between the Embassy of Portugal in Belgium and Ciné-ONU (United Nations Regional Center for Western Europe (UNRIC), United Nations Program for the Environment (UNEP) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN-FAO)), the documentary “Lindo”, directed by Margarida Gramaxo, in production by Maus da Fita – Film Production and Santa Rita Filmes, with the support from RTP and the Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual.

The event marks World Portuguese Language Day, as well as the United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration.

After the screening, it will be possible to attend a panel discussion with the presence of the film’s director, Margarida Gramaxo, the representative of the United Nations Environment Program, Pablo Sagredo Martín, the Deputy Regional Director of Oceana Europe, Vera Coelho and of Belgium’s Special Representative for the Oceans, Sophie Mirgaux. The debate will be moderated by Sherri Aldis, Director of the United Nations Regional Information Center.

For more than 20 years, Lindo hunted sea turtles on Príncipe Island, in São Tomé and Princípe. After an encounter with an unexpectedly docile turtle, he decided to change his life to begin protecting the animal against other predators. Now he delves into his past to look for clues that spark the debate about the island’s future.

For the director, the film, which took almost a decade to complete, seeks to show the “difficult balance between Man and Nature. This whole process began, in 2014, with a fascination I have for the island, the smaller of the two São Tomé and Príncipe, and then because I realized that there was a lot of foreign investment in that territory. I managed to go there for the first time in 2016, where I did my first research and found incredible beauty and great human potential, within a region. community that was facing changes, and I also met Lindo, who would become the protagonist. We soon had a connection, which developed further on the second trip. in 2018, 2020, and twice in 2021. It was a very long process. The story was shaped over time.”

“Lindo” da realizadora Margarida Gramaxo

The film premiered in November 2023 at PORTO/POST/DOC.
It has made its way with exhibitions such as FESTin, on the 5th of May. He was awarded the Best Photography Award by AIP – Associação de Imagem Portuguesa in February 2024.
A Maus da Fita production – Film Production and Santa Rita Filmes


With Lindo (Manuel da Graça)

Director – Margarida Gramaxo
Production – Margarida Gramaxo, João Vaz and David Vasques
Cinematography – Hugo Azevedo
Underwater camera – João Rodrigues
Sound – Gil Fidalgo
Editing – Grazie Pacheco
Original Soundtrack – Hugo Leitão
Sound and foley assembly – Pedro Freitas
Mixture – Filipe Goulart
Colorist – Andreia Bertini

“Lindo” da realizadora Margarida Gramaxo

Margarida Gramaxo (1982) is a Portuguese director, screenwriter and producer.
The theme of the relationship between humanity and nature, particularly in Africa, has guided her filmography.
She produced and wrote “Kalunga”, which portrays the relationship between Man and the sea in Angola, and received the award for best documentary at São Tomé FestFilm (2018).
In 2014, she began the development of the documentary feature film “Lindo” which, with the support of RTP and the Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual, premiered on Porto / Post / Doc in November 2023.

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