Lisboa Games Week with game developed by Nectar Interactive

Bee Engineering brand Nectar Interactive has developed, in partnership with Lisboa Games Week (LGW) a game to engage the community of this event. The LGW Award Machine is a digital slot machine that rewards players with incredible real-life prizes. Partners such as Nintendo, AOC, Playstation or Fnac have offered more than 50 gaming prizes, including video games, consoles and computer equipment. This initiative culminates with the launch of Lisboa Games Week next Thursday, November 21st. To date, the LGW Award Machine has over 4,000 players and the Instagram community has grown by 300%.

Team members from Bee Engineering and Nectar Interactive will be present at the largest national video game fair to share their experience.

In the education wing, we will talk about applying learning-oriented video game techniques, using storytelling tools to engage players in monitoring their own goals, which in a playful and interactive way encourages players to go further. Bee Together, Bee Engineering’s Human Resources department will also be present to meet new innovation talent and show them the advantages of working at the company.

In the Gamify Village space we show how companies from different sectors can engage collaborators, partners or customers by applying video game knowledge. From creating a brand-inspired game to gamifying the most important business KPIs, we’ll talk about the differences in gamification processes and the creation of advergames.

Nectar Interactive will also be present at the LGW International Seminar with André Santos, Product Manager of the brand. In a broad debate you will address the challenge of how to translate video game development know-how into Gamification solutions with the business sector in mind. Mention will be made of the stimuli found and the innovations your team has implemented to make the ludification technique a more appealing term for the world of brands and business.

According to André Santos, Product Manager at Nectar Interactive, “Brands are increasingly focusing on giving their users a positive experience, but there is still a great deal of ignorance around the gamification processes and the creation of advergames. When brands discover Nectar Interactive growth solutions they are amazed at the results. It’s the nectar of growth at work. ”

José Duarte, Marketing and Communication of the Lisbon International Fair states “For LGW it was a very successful partnership with Bee Engineering, as the Award Machine allowed us to create greater engagement with our audience. positive and a proof that games can also have a pedagogical and educational character. In this case, the questions raised for spins all had a very strong educational component. We think this solution could be replicated in many of the other events we have organized ”

Bee Engineering brand Nectar Interactive is focused on helping brands improve performance, engagement and recognition metrics through gaming solutions such as Advergames and Gamification.

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