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Lisboa Mistura mixes everything again, and it was excellent


The Lisboa Mistura Festival returned to Lisbon, after being postponed last year due to weather conditions, the Festival returned this weekend at the Capitol, for two days of excellent music, discussion and of course “mixing” of styles, origins, joy and hope in a more open and integrated society.

The first day of Lisboa Mistura opened horizons for new musicalities, we had emerging artists, MC: Ró Lk, Snails, Golden Nora, John Do$ ft Mura and Silab, a project financed by DGArtes, with new and talented music values, but also renowned names who brought us their music, which filled the hearts of a full Capitólio that welcomed them with open arms, first with Soweto Kinch Power Trio and then with the “volcano” of musicality, energy, friendliness and joy, Dobet Gnahoré.

Snails < Lisboa Mistura < 2024.01.20 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews



Video bazaar, with Vitor Belanciano, Magda Burity (Lisboa Criola), Marisa Rodrigues (Bantumen)

Theme: Urban musical culture is, as expected, a bridge to the social and political dimensions that make up the cosmopolitanism of Lisbon undergoing rapid changes and not all of them as human as we would like. It is necessary to give visibility to the beauty of difference, to the heritage of curiosity. How long will we have Lisbon residents in a city that expels them? Who are the Lisbon people that in 27 years of Sons da Lusofonia, we still haven’t been able to see?

Golden Nora < Lisboa Mistura < 2024.01.20 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews


OPA – Oficina Portátil de Artes is an artistic project focused on Hip-Hop and aims to promote new forms of crossover between pedagogy and artistic creation through music. Directed by Francisco Rebelo, the project provides the technical and artistic tools for accompanied evolution and, at the same time, a place on central stages in the city. Through the creation of sporadic workshops with hip-hop artists, OPA takes care to promote social and community issues from a perspective of social intervention and construction of citizenship

MC: Ró Lk, Snails, Golden Nora, John Do$ ft Mura and Silab, producer EVAWAVE.

MC: Ró Lk < Lisboa Mistura < 2024.01.20 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews


Award-winning saxophonist and MC Soweto Kinch are one of the most exciting and versatile musicians in the British jazz and hip-hop scenes. With a background in Modern History, he has accumulated an impressive list of accolades and awards on both sides of the Atlantic – including, among others, two MOBO Awards for Best Jazz Artist (2003, 2007) and more recently by The Royal Academy of Music (2020 ). Kinch’s latest studio album, The Black Peril, is politically and racially interventionist, finding historical inspiration in the riots that broke out in the 90s and all the associated social change.

Lisboa Mistura < 2024.01.20 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews


There is no doubt that Dobet Gnahoré’s energy is contagious. Ivory Coast is his country of origin, but he has lived in France for many years. Dobet is a 2010 Grammy winner and has performed six albums since the beginning of her career. With a refreshing approach, she seeks in the album “Couleur” to convey messages of positivity towards the future, and female empowerment and encourage a more creative reality!

See here the photos from the first day of Lisbon Mistura at the Capitol

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