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Lisboa Mistura mixes everything up again, for a fabulous second day


The Lisboa Mistura Festival returned for the second day, a day full of cultural “mixture” of different musical styles, which gave life to the Capitol, which once again filled up to hear them.

If the first day of Lisboa Mistura was excellent, the second was not far behind, the intercultural party which featured a presentation by Dmitry Bogomolov and Ângelo Torres, brought to the Lisbon venue, Kaori Shiozawa – Grupo Tawoo, Amizade Linha de Sintra, Mbalango, Isha Artes: Kathak, to finish with the excellent Toy and Emanuel Matos.

CRIATURA & CORO DOS ANJOS < Lisboa Mistura D2< 2024.01.21 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

This was followed by Jazzopa, a project that brings together jazz, spoken word and hip-hop, a group of young artists who “set fire to” the Capitólio, one word can describe them, excellent, followed by madness, energy, words, the “slapping” of consciences by Criatura & Coro dos Anjos who closed yet another excellent festival, which opens us up to new cultures and musicalities.


TIAGO PEREIRA (DJ SET) – Between Concerts

Director, documentary filmmaker, radio presenter and visualist, Tiago Pereira has promoted and disseminated Portuguese music, as mentor and director of the project: “Portuguese music enjoying itself”. Now a DJ, he considers himself an activist, and defender of collective memory and oral tradition and its main objective is to search for other music that, more amateur and little publicized, more concentrated on performance and people.

INTERCULTURAL PARTY, presented by Dmitry Bogomolov and Ângelo Torres

Dmitry Bogomolov e Ângelo Torres < Lisboa Mistura D2< 2024.01.21 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

Kaori Shiozawa – Grupo Tawoo

Tawoo means “road” in Chinese. It provides a place for people to meet, experience and discover the Taiko path together. It promotes a variety of activities to develop your character, style, talent and energy through the rhythms of Japanese percussion. Kaori Shiozawa is a member of Tawoo and in 2022 he moved to Portugal where he fulfills his dream of spreading Taiko across Europe.

Amizade Linha de Sintra

The group Amizade Linha de Sintra takes us to Guinea Bissau through the peculiar sound of Tina, her typical instrument made up of a gourd in water. Open to the community, the group has brought together 34 artists with different ages and stories since 2018, giving cultural magic to their performance.

Mbalango < Lisboa Mistura D2< 2024.01.21 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews


Mbalango is a solo artist who, through his self-made mbira, a traditional instrument from Mozambique and Zimbabwe, presents us with his multifaceted artistic flair. His lyrics are in Changana, his mother tongue, and address contemporary social issues. In August 2019, Mbalango released his first album titled Mbira ya Inhagoia.

Isha Artes: Kathak < Lisboa Mistura D2< 2024.01.21 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

Isha Artes: Kathak

ISHA ARTES represents Indian Culture through classical Indian dance – Kathak. His choreographies integrate cultural, social and educational paths of Indian culture, taking into account the dynamics of intercultural practices as mechanisms of social integration.

Toy e Emanuel Matos < Lisboa Mistura D2< 2024.01.21 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

Toy and Emanuel Matos

The brothers Emanuel and António live in Benavente, Ribatejo. With his father’s example, music has always been present in his family and represents his gipsy culture. Their participation in Got Talent (2021) allowed gypsy music to be brought to the screens of Portugal, making them appear on more stages in the country, such as the Bons Sons Festival, in Tomar. Emanuel is the vocalist, António is the guitarist and together they like to sing and play flamenco, tangos and rumbas.

JAZZOPA < Lisboa Mistura D2< 2024.01.21 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews


JAZZOPA is a project that brings together jazz, spoken word and hip-hop, in an artistically challenging and socially conscious language and that seeks artists with consolidated skills in the various proposed areas. Through a “creative studio” model of co-creation, participants are challenged to create a repertoire that connects the three artistic areas into one through real-time improvisation.

Instrumentalists: Samuel Dias – drums | Francisco Nogueira – bass | Kiko Sá – trumpet | Débora king – piano | Jery Bidan – guitar | Ricardo Rosas – saxophone

MC: Vileiro and YA SIN
Spoken word: Vanessa Parish Crooks and Luís Perdigão
Project financed by DGArtes

CRIATURA & CORO DOS ANJOS < Lisboa Mistura D2< 2024.01.21 < Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews


Looking for other perspectives on tradition, CRIATURA refreshes us with sublimely crafted Portuguese rhythms, to take us on a journey through popular memory from the north to the south of Portugal. After releasing their first album “Aurora” in 2016, they released “BEM BONDA” in 2021, presenting us with a new approach to Portuguese poetry and melody, challenging existing musical standards, accompanied by the melodic voices of Coro dos Anjos.

See here the photos from the second day of Lisboa Mistura at the Capitóio

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