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Lisboa Mistura

Lisboa Mistura is a music festival that celebrates the diversity that so well characterizes Lisbon. For three days, Quinta das Conchas will be the meeting place that brings together musicians from the Middle East, North America and Africa to community groups from different generations and backgrounds. Organized by the Sons da Lusofonia Association and EGEAC, the festival hosts various concerts and art meetings that mix the various cultural trends present in the city. Admission is free and animation guaranteed.


DJ Ricardo Alves
8 Jun: 18h

8 Jun: 19h30

opa – portable arts workshop
May, Dukes, 2and Mind, KRS, Ygmil, OLD, Caco and Geta
9 Jun: 3:00 PM

DJ Carla Menitra
9 Jun: 18h30

Akua Naru
9 Jun: 19h30

Intercultural Party

India, Mystic India, Rock Solania and Dancers (Ukraine), Batucadeiras (Cape Verde), Our Choir (Portugal), Choir 1 June (Portugal), Auto Astral (Brazil), among others
10 Jun: 3:00 p.m.

Sunset Mixture with DJ Johnny
10 Jun: 18h30

Black Africa
10 Jun: 19h30

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