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Lisbon welcomes Alcione with open arms, as she celebrates 50 years of career

Coliseu dos Recreios

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Alcione returned to Lisbon and was welcomed by a house full of fans, on the 22nd she returns to Coliseu dos Recreios for an extra concert.

Around 3,000 people attended the samba queen’s concert, as part of the celebrations of her 50th career, at the Coliseu dos Recreios.

Alcione > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.06.14

The artist will return to work in this room, on the 22nd in Lisbon, satisfying the request of all those who have not been in time to purchase tickets for the first date, but rather attended the Coliseu do Porto Ageas, on the 15th and, on the Águeda Arts Center, today the 16th.

In front of a completely full room and an audience eager to dance, it was with “Primo do Jazz” that Alcione welcomed his fans. Between boleros, a pinch of jazz, and a lot of samba, the repertoire of this concert ended with ‘encore’ of “Nem Morta“, after the much-desired song “Não Deixe o Samba Morrer“.

Alcione > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.06.14

The show at Coliseu dos Recreios was part of the “Alcione – 50 Years of Career” tour and was the fulfillment of the desire of thousands of fans who wanted to return to Portugal as “Marron”, the name with which it is affectionately nicknamed, and which in this The passage through the country once again presented everyone with the hits always expected and that never disappoint, such as “Estranha Loucura”, “Você Me Vira a Cabeça” and “Faz Uma Loucura Por Mim”.

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