Lisbon already has the first ecopoints for organic waste

The project starts only in Olivais, but the idea is that, by 2023, all of Lisbon will have these brown containers available, which will join the already known yellow for plastic, green for glass, and blue for papel.

The brown container serves to deposit the residues, raw or cooked, such as vegetables, fruit, fish, or meat, as well as tea bags and napkins. The recycling of these bio-waste allows the production of compost for organic agriculture, that is, the remains of food.

At the end of last year, the parishes of Lumiar and Santa Clara were the first in Lisbon to be able to separate this waste, albeit in a different way.

Brown domestic containers for the collection of this waste were distributed to the population, which are now collected at the door of the house, as is already the case in parishes with plastic, paper and glass.

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