Lisbon’ Arraiais and Popular Marches Canceled

In an unprecedented situation, with entire countries in confinement, the number of public events in 2020 continues to grow staggeringly.

This Saturday, in a statement sent to the newsrooms, the Lisbon City Council also confirmed the cancellation of Arraias e Marchas Populares, events that normally take place during the month of June.

“The theme ‘Amália Rodrigues’ will be carried over to the 2021 edition of the Popular Marches, allowing all the work done (arches, scenography, costumes), to be monetized next year”

“The high concentration of people that marks the Arraiais Populares, underlining the strength of its tradition, is incompatible with its realization even in a scenario of flattening the contagion curve and a decrease in the number of infected people, which is why the 2020 edition of Arraiais Populares is canceled “

“The 2020 edition of the Santo António Weddings, from which it was not possible to conduct interviews and select the newlyweds, is also canceled. Applications for 2020 will be automatically considered for next year’s edition.”

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