Lisbon Coffee Fest invites you to drink coffee and encourages recycling

Lisbon Coffee Fest, the first event dedicated exclusively to coffee to be held in Portugal and will take place at the LX Factory from March 22 to 24, and wants to put the participants to recycle.

In addition to the official Festival cups being 100% recyclable and expected to be placed in the various blue ecopoints available in space, the coffee grounds were not forgotten. In collaboration with the City Council of Lisbon, these will be sent to Valorsul’s Organic Treatment and Valorization Station, where they will be treated and transformed into organic agricultural corrective, without chemical additives, that can be used in agriculture and gardening. For this model to work, it is critical that the separation is well done. For this reason, lees should be placed in the brown cap container.

The Lisbon Coffee Fest is an event dedicated to celebrating the love of the Portuguese for coffee, which will provide varied experiences to all who like and work with coffee and also to people who want to learn more and more on this topic, thus promoting the culture of the coffee in Portugal. During the festival, there will also be the fifth National Baristas Competition, responsible for electing the representative of Portugal in the international final.

At Lisbon Coffee Fest we will be able to find several brands such as Delta and Nestlé, as well as Portela Cafés, NewCoffee, Rancilio, Nicola and Segafredo.

In addition to the spaces dedicated to brands, lectures, tastings and workshops on the benefits of coffee, such as coffee making, secrets, trends and sustainability, among other activities, are planned.

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