Lisbon has risen a place in the list of cities with better quality of life

Lisbon is in 37th place in the list of cities with the best quality of life in 2019 and is the 31st safest city in the world, according to an annual study conducted by consulting firm Mercer.

According to the consultant, in the list of cities with the best quality of life, Lisbon rose one place in the last year, from 38th to 37th place, remaining “above Madrid (in 46th place), Barcelona (43rd), Paris (39th), London (41st) or New York (44th). ”

Regarding the security ranking, this year Lisbon is in the 31st position, “increasing 12 places compared to 2005” when it was in the 43rd.

“In this aspect, Lisbon is above cities such as Dublin (32nd), Paris (60th) or Barcelona (61st),” said the consultant.

At the top of the list of 231 cities is Vienna, with the best quality of life worldwide for the 10th consecutive year, followed by Zurich (2nd place) and Auckland, Munich, and Vancouver, which occupy the 3rd place ex aequo ‘.

Auckland is the most well-ranked city in Oceania, Vancouver is the highest ranked city in North America and Montevideo (78th) in South America.

Singapore (25th) and Porto Luís (83rd) are the best-ranked cities in Asia and Africa, respectively.

Baghdad is in the last position, although there have been “significant improvements associated with health and safety services”. In the list of cities with lower quality of life are Sana (Yemen) and Bangui (Central African Republic).

This year Mercer presents a separate personal security ranking, “which examines the inner stability of cities, levels of crime, law enforcement, limitations on individual freedom, relations with other countries and freedom of the press.”

In this list, Western Europe dominates, with the city of Luxembourg at the top, followed in the second place by Basel and Bern (in Switzerland), Helsinki (Finland) and Zurich (Switzerland), ‘ex aequo’.

Sana (229), Bangui (230) and Damascus (231) are the most insecure cities, according to this analysis.

Mercer’s 21st Quality of Living annual study shows that “many cities around the world still offer attractive environments for doing business,” and “the best-ranked cities are those that have realized that quality of life is an essential component of business attractiveness and mobility of talent. ”

However, the consultant reveals, “trade tensions and populist trends continue to dominate the global political and economic climate.”

“The combination of tight monetary policy and the imminent volatility of markets means that international business is under more pressure than ever to ensure that operations abroad are successful,” he said.

Mercer annually surveys more than 450 cities around the world, including 231 of these cities in this ‘ranking’.

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