Lisbon hosts 2nd Brazilian Film Show

The second edition of the Mostra de Cinema do Brasil begins today, at Cinema São Jorge, in Lisbon, with the screening of Murilo Benício’s film “The Kiss on the Asphalt”, based on the homonymous work of the playwright Nelson Rodrigues.

The show will run until the 30th, and show “the best of Brazilian contemporary cinema”, with the screening of 16 films, among them Aly Muritiba’s “Ferrugem”, Carolina Jabor’s “Aos Teus Olhos”, “Uma Uma History of Love ‘by Rodrigo Bernardo,’ Cinderella Pop ‘by Bruno Garotti, and’ Women Changed ‘by Luís Pinheiro.

The program also includes documentaries such as Leandra Leal’s ‘Divinas Divas’ and ‘Damas do Samba’, a retrospective of samba’s journey throughout history, as well as short films such as ‘O Orfão’ by Carolina Marcowitz, winner of Queer Palm of 2018, parallel manifestation of the festival of Cannes.

‘The Good Manners’, by Júlia Rojas and Marcos Dutra, with Brazilian actress Marjorie Estiano, known for her performance in TV Globo’s Malhação series, and the documentary ‘Eu, Meu Pai e Os Cariocas’, about the Brazilian popular music group The Cariocas, are projections highlighted by the programmers of the show.

‘The Animal Cordial’ by Gabriela Amaral Almeida, ‘Brother of Jorel’, an animation by Juliano Enrico, ‘Season’ by André Novais Oliveira, ‘Intimacy between Strangers’, by José Alvarenga Jr., ‘Tear Heart’, by Jorge Furtado, ‘I, My Mother and Wallace’, by Eduardo and Marcos Carvalho, ‘Guaxuma’ by Nara Normande, ‘Even with Tanta Agonia’ by Alice Andrade Drummond, and ‘A Volta para Casa’ by Diego Freitas, are other productions announced.

The show is accompanied by a photo exhibition of Daryan Dornelles, with more than 100 images of artists such as Chico Buarque de Hollanda, Fernanda Montenegro, Gilberto Gil, Wagner Moura, and Maria Bethânia.

The organization is from the Brazilian Embassy in Portugal with Linhas – Produções Culturais.

Tickets for the show cost between three and 3.50 euros.

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