Lisbon hosts free hot air balloon trips

It is enough to appear in the Square of the Empire between 18.00 and 02.00.

If you have always dreamed of traveling in a hot air balloon, imagine what it is like to be able to do it in the heart of Lisbon and for free. Yes, it is true and it is already this Saturday, November 3rd.

The initiative is the International Festival of Hot Air Balloons, which takes place from November 5 to 11 in Alentejo, and the objective is to promote the festival with a sample of what happens in the towns of Campo Maior, Benavila, Fronteira, Monforte and Ponte de Sor.

If time permits, you will be able to watch and participate in a show called Night Glow, full of color, light, music and still know the best of the national winemaking, just go to Praça do Império, between at 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

According to the organization of the event, in Lisbon the flights of hot air balloons are “captive”, that is, they are only arrested with rise and fall and are free, unlike what happens in Alentejo lands. In this region, the flights will be free. In order to fulfill this dream, you must register (reservasasf@gmail.com) and purchase a 50 euro voucher to help Heart Delga and the Fire Departments of the respective councils of Alto Alentejo where the festival is held.

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