Lisbon hosts this weekend the first edition of Dog Summit

The first edition of the Dog Summit takes place this weekend in Lisbon, in the warehouses of the Lx Factory, and promises to be an “enriching experience for all dog lovers”, allowing them to develop knowledge about the canine world.

The event, organized by the Andromeda Group, aims to be an “enriching experience”, with several activities for “dog lovers”, where they can “inform and develop” regarding the animal world.

Over the weekend, visitors will be able to see an urban art exhibition – ‘Unchain Your Dog’ – filled with paintings and sculptures, as well as attending DOGx Talks, a gathering space, which will feature Animal World in Portugal, according to the organization.

In addition, they can also attend workshops and seminars, and to participate in the latter participants will have to pay two euros more than the daily ticket amount.

The seminars are held at Silver Room, a place where dogs are not allowed to enter, so during the absence of the owners the animals should stay outside and be accompanied.

For visitors wishing to advertise products or services related to the animal sector, they may do so in the event premises, in an area with exhibitors for this purpose.

The daily pass for the event costs 15 euros and the pass for the two days 20 euros. Children up to 11 years old only pay one euro.

If they choose to buy the tickets the same day, visitors will have to pay 20 euros for the daily pass and 25 euros for the two days.

For each ticket purchased, 10% of the value reverts in favour of the Association of Street Animals and the current Quebr’a Movement.

The event takes place in the Lx Factory’s L and XL warehouses and has the support of the Lisbon City Council through the ‘Casa dos Animais de Lisboa’ and with which the organization of the event will also promote a parade of dogs for adoption.

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