Lisbon Oceanarium inaugurates exhibition made with rubbish from beaches and sea

‘Keep the oceans clean’ exhibition aims to sensitize visitors to the pollution of the oceans.

The Lisbon Oceanarium will present the exhibition ‘Keep the oceans clean’, which consists of nine artistic installations made using ‘marine litter found on beaches and removed from the sea’, as explained in a statement.

The exhibition is by João Parrinha and Xandi Kreuzeder and is located in the main lobby of the Oceanarium.

As you can see in the pictures, they are large fish made from materials lying in the sea. Above they are: a “fish made with plastic slippers that came to a beach in South Africa; a huge octopus built from rubbish found on beaches “; and a “albatross built in Kenya with marine litter, iron and wire.”

The exhibition, Oceanarium says, “aims to alert to the dangers to seabirds due to plastic pollution in the ocean.”

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