Lisbon, Porto and Viseu march today to end violence against women

In order to demand an end to violence against women, a march is taking place in several cities in the country, which has as its background fears of setbacks in the rights of women with the rise of the far right in the world.

Lisbon, Porto and Viseu welcome a march for the elimination of all forms of violence against women today, which marks the world day for this purpose.

In Lisbon and Porto the march starts at 3:00 p.m., in the case of the Port of Poveiros Square to Praça da Liberdade, and in Lisbon from Largo do Intendente, with passage in Martim Moniz and arrival at Rossio, counting on the start with the presence of the minister the Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, and the Minister of the Presidency and Administrative Modernization, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, and the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, Rosa Monteiro.

Today, we are once again on the streets to denounce and fight for an end to violence against women. Violence, which is systemic, based on a misogynist culture that is lurking in the street, is comfortable in home and work, there are many faces, so many, that sometimes we do not even recognize them as naturalized as they are in our society. […] Around the world we fight on the streets and again this November 25, but without this means a repetitive ritual or a confirmation in the face of what seems to be unalterable. Enough of violence! “reads the manifesto of the Lisbon and Porto marches.

Remembering the 24 women who in Portugal have already died this year victims of gender violence, the manifesto does not stop globalizing the concerns and demands, alerting to the political changes, which are not favourable to women’s rights.

This 25th of November we do not forget the different forms of violence that affect women all over the world. We see with apprehension the setbacks in the rights achieved by the selfless struggle of thousands of women in countries where ultra-conservative and ultra-right governments are winning We denounce a worrying trend in Portugal for retrograde, moralistic and inadmissible judicial decisions, which violate the most basic rights and the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, “it affirms in the manifesto.

The document also adds that “associations and all citizens marching to eliminate violence against women reaffirm their intention to mobilize against this worrying rise of conservatism and the attack on women’s rights.

In addition to the Lisbon, Porto and Viseu marches, there will also be an awareness-raising event in Cascais, at the CascaisShopping shopping centre, promoted by the National Republican Guard (GNR), distributing pamphlets and bookmarks with safety advice for women.

The number of women murdered this year in the context of intimacy or close family relations has hit 24, six more than last year, according to data from the Kinship Women’s Observatory.

It is concluded that as of November 20, 24 women were murdered in Portugal and another 16 saw their lives be attacked,” the report said, adding that there were another six femicides recorded compared to the same period in 2017.

The figure surpasses the 20 cases of femicide recorded by the Observatory of the Women’s Alternative and Response Union (UMAR) throughout the year 2017.

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