Lisbon zoo warns of “urgent” need for protection of penguins

Day 10 of November is celebrated the Day of the Safeguard of the Penguin and the Zoo will sensitize visitors to this theme.

Although penguins are among the most caricatured and beloved animals in the Lisbon Zoo, many visitors are not aware that these birds are threatened as a result of human behaviours, such as overfishing and pollution of their habitats, especially by oil spills.

For this reason, on November 10, the Zoo will mark Penguin Safeguard Day to sensitize visitors, from kids to adults, for their protection, thus avoiding their extinction.

Lisbon Zoological Garden explains that there are 18 species of penguins in all and that the species hosted by the Lisbon Zoo is the Cape Penguin, the only one that inhabits the temperate zone of the African continent.

Like any bird, the penguin is oviparous and hides its eggs in nests. The Cape Penguin builds the nest in burrows, under rocks or vegetation, so as to be protected from the sun. This species has been recognized as “endangered” by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) since 2010.

The Cape Penguins still have a very unique characteristic: they are monogamous animals, that is, when they find their pair, they remain together for a lifetime.

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