Listening to music with touch is the proposal of M.Ou.Co. for this sunday

We got used to hearing sounds from the cradle and we forget that they have more than one dimension. Smartphones have come to demonstrate this reality to us now and at any moment, through haptic technology (yes, there is a whole science behind those impulses we feel).

Which reminds us that sound can also transmit pressure, texture, vibration and other biological sensations related to touch. And because the experience can really be immersive, with the help of acoustic science and a dash of technical art, Eufonia Sound/Art + Science has teamed up with M.Ou.Co. to make the SUB_BAR Experience happen.

The event takes place in this multicultural space, which is also a hotel (and wears many other covers), next Sunday (June 5th). Especially thinking about people with deafness or any special hearing need (at any level) and, by the way, their family and friends without any limitations or hearing difficulties. Sound is not just music for the ears: it manages to equalize everyone’s differences in a common denominator.

Eufonia Sound/Art + Science mirrors an interdisciplinary platform that brings together artists, scientists and researchers from around the world who share this common vision of sound. The proposal in hand, modeled by international experts, will occupy the M.O.Co. distributed over three sessions (16:00, 18:00 and 20:00) and invites all people to participate, on equal terms, in a kind of playground chosen for the sub-frequencies.

With the support of the Directorate-General for the Arts (DGArtes), the SUB_BAR Experience project’s objective is noble – to promote inclusion – and can even be revealing for many people. This is because the very low frequencies are able to cross soil, walls and water, with practically no signal loss or interference.

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