Live stream performances with Simone de Oliveira, Nuno Markl, Soraia Tavares, and much more at Casino Estoril

Casino Estoril reopens the Auditorium and the panoramic Foyer with stand-up comedy and Livestream concerts from 9 to 31 August.

Casino Estoril reopens the Auditorium and the panoramic Foyer of the Salão Preto e Prata to welcome, exclusively in live stream, an original cycle of concerts and stand-up comedy shows. Artfeist Produções Artísticas is the promoter of this program called Serões no (Evenings at) Casino Estoril, which takes place between the 9th and 31st of August.

With the support of ESC Online, the cycle Serões no Casino Estoril starts, on 9 August, at 10 pm, with a concert that will have as protagonists Filipa Cardoso, Yola Dinis and Sónia Santos. Not to be missed, live, from the panoramic Foyer, against the backdrop of the Casino Estoril gardens that extend to Tamariz beach.

A notable cast of artists will be in evidence in the “Serões no Casino Estoril”. This is a timely initiative that aims to boost national culture, taking into account the complex current situation, originated by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Artfeist Produções Artísticas proposes an evening well spent, for the whole family, with online transmission, and without public presence, live from Casino Estoril.

After the opening concert by Filipa Cardoso, Yola Dinis and Sónia Santos, we have the concert by Wanda Stuart, on August 13th. The following day, July 14, Soraia Tavares, Sissi Martins, and Ruben Madureira perform together. On the weekend, 15th and 16th, we have concerts by Vanessa Silva and Miguel Amorim and Paulo de Carvalho, respectively.

The following week we have António Zambujo on the 20th; Catarina Clau, Vânia Blu and Nuno Martins on the 21st; Simone de Oliveira with Nuno and Henrique Feist on the 22nd; and Casa de Fados “O Faia” closing the concert week on Sunday.

Monday, August 24, Rui Xará will perform a stand-up comedy; on the 27th Susana Félix performs; day 28 is FF‘s turn; Starting the weekend we have Lúcia Moniz, Mariana Pacheco and Diogo Leite on the 29th; and “A História do Fado” with Henrique Feist, Valter Mira and Marta Alves on Sunday 30th.

To end this cycle of performances and concerts, it is Nuno Markl‘s turn to step up with another stand-up comedy performance on Monday the 31st.

Exclusively, in live stream, the Serões no Casino Estoril will take place, from 9 to 31 August, in the Auditorium and in the panoramic Foyer of the Salão Preto e Prata. The show cycle can be followed, from Thursday to Sunday, at 10 pm.

Tickets available HERE.

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