Live Streaming Technology in Tourism is worth the Portuguese start-up premium

Founded by Djalmo Gomes and Luís Lucas, Live Electric Tours is the first company in the world to introduce Live Streaming technology in the Tourism sector.

Portuguese startup Live Electric Tours has been recognized at European level as the best startup in the Tourism category at the StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA).

The company was distinguished by its service of 100% electric cars equipped with free Wi-Fi. This service, emphasizes, allows to share live the trip in social networks and is, therefore, an “innovative solution of tourism in the city of Lisbon“.

The idea came in 2017 and is, according to the company, “a unique service in the world“.

The live streaming service is powered by Vodafone technology, thanks to the startup’s participation in the program, Vodafone Powerlab and its recognition has already led to Portugal Ventures investing 700 thousand euros in the company.

In the News to Minute Live Electric Tours explains that the service in question “offers a self-drive experience with vehicles 100% electric and that allows transmitting the journey in streaming – usually to Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. , an audio GPS guide, and a Live HD camera.

The service was worth to start up the prize promoted by the European Commission and Finnova Foundation in collaboration with Startup Europe, which was delivered on November 14 in Bulgaria.

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