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The rain is back, I’m starting to stay more at home, with little to do but watch TV series and eat. This year will be even more difficult after having been at home for so long because of the pandemic, now I even wanted to leave the house all the time.

As I must have a lot of people, with the same melancholy of being at home due to the weather, but I decided that I will not be melancholy again, if something the pandemic has shown me is that, is time should be used to the full and we should make the most of it, quality and enjoyment of everything we do.

That’s why I promised myself to use all my time to enrich my life on every level, and I’m going to start with friends and family.

Friends and family are something very important, sometimes we are too worried about the money that doesn’t come, the work that worries us, the children, with the lack of time to rest, that we forget about our friends, I decided to save one night each week to be with, friends and family, at least one dinner, one night out, one trip to a coffee shop.

I started this week and went to a Mexican restaurant that I loved, we all had fun, we ate very well and most importantly we got together again, telling stories, laughing, playing and living.

I also decided to improve my physical health, for a long time, due to my work, I spent hours and hours sitting in front of a computer, during the pandemic, I continued, but at home, and that’s when I realized how sedentary I was, and when I was finally able to go out, I took advantage of every minute to go outside, with the arrival of autumn and winter, with the rain and the cold, I will return to having a tendency to stay at home, but I made an exercise plan.

Every day I used to go by car to buy bread for breakfast, now I go on foot, and unless it rains “picks“, I don’t go by car, but even when my husband came home from work he would pick him up, at the station, I decided to come and go on foot with him, we buyed boots, umbrellas and a good coat, and we make our way back home on foot, and you know, it’s romantic, ecological and it’s doing miracles to my figure, including the baths together, when we got home.

But it’s also necessary when we’re at home to be a fun time, so I decided to learn new dishes, from different countries, because always eating the same thing is also tiring, so I decided to look for food from different countries I started in Portugal, Spain, Mexico, India and Germany, of course I won’t stop here, the goal is at least once a month now, who knows if not once a week, to try a new dish.

This week it was a German dish, Eisbein, but I also tried two sweets I made, Pear and honey jam and Quince and brown sugar jam, which I made, it was fantastic and I took the opportunity to invite some friends over for dinner who were delighted with the food.

Another of my goals was to learn more, read more, whether books, I love cops, whether technical articles, history or general culture. reread “Hound of the Baskervilles” from the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but also a comic book, the “Yellow Mark” from the adventures of Blake and Mortimer, and know that I sleep much better.

Another of the things I wanted to start learning was traditional games like solitaire, Mahjong or card games, I was never very good at games, but I found a website,, and I have been learning, with several variants of card games, I have fun playing but also thinking, right now I’m playing Mahjong, and I’ve been having a lot of fun, whether on my mobile or laptop, this is a fun site that I recommend, for the whole family and educational, my husband and my friends also play the games, either when they go to, or retirn from work, or in a moment of relaxation at the end of the day.

What you think, are you also capable of changing little things in your life, little things that can become big and important. Try it!

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