Trash collected on beaches is art in Oeiras Parque

“Art From The Sea” exhibition from September 21st to October 22nd

Between September 21st and October 22nd, Oeiras Parque will host “Art From The Sea”, an ecological art exhibition that has already traveled the world and will now be at Shopping da Linha.

Created by artists Xandi Kreuzeder and João Parrinha, from the artistic collective Skeleton Sea, this exhibition consists of several impactful large sculptures, made from trash collected on the beaches.

Abyss, Miss Flip Flop, Albatross Exhibitionist, Last Tuna II, and Innocent Victim are the five works that make up this exhibition, which includes the representation of a “fish from the future” and an installation with 250 different flip-flops.

These pieces aim to raise awareness of the need to change human action, which is so destructive to the oceans, to ensure that these dystopian beings will never be more than a product of the imagination. They are an alert to the current reality and a reminder that there is a future at the door, in which the marine ecosystem will be completely different from what we currently know, where all that remains is the faded and inanimate color of abandoned plastics, if care is not taken in its preservation.

The exhibition is a vehicle for raising awareness of environmental problems and their possible solutions. It is an invitation to reflect on the urgency of a more sustainable model of society and citizenship, which aims to preserve ecosystems. In this particular case, the preservation of the marine ecosystem, so vital to human existence.

With Sustainability being one of the Shopping’s pillars and being proactive in actions that help all generations (current and future), Oeiras Parque, in partnership with the artistic collective Skeleton Sea and the curatorship of Out Of Office, intends to draw the attention of all its visitors to the need to conserve the oceans and beaches. A reminder that we are all active agents in preserving our planet.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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