“Lloc Comú” – Dullmea’s new album at the municipal library of Felgueiras

presentation in sound installation format, from May 13th to June 3rd

Dullmea’s new album, “Lloc Comú”, will be presented in the form of a sound installation, at the Municipal Library of Felgueiras, from May 13th to June 3rd, from 2:30 pm to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday). which explores the concepts of communication, dialogue, debate, and consensus, fundamental tools for an increasingly participatory society.

Each piece was co-composed and co-recorded by Dullmea and a guest musician through a virtual question-answer scheme, resulting in a truly collective and dialogic object.

Dullmea featured guest musicians Ricardo Pinto, pianist from Porto, one of the most relevant creators of theater music in the country; Maria João, the emblematic voice of jazz in Portugal; Rui Rodrigues and Miquel Bernat from Drumming, a percussion group from Porto that has been one of the main drivers of the evolution of classical percussion in Portugal; Pedro Melo Alves, a relevant figure in contemporary jazz and founding member of Omniae Ensemble, The Rite of Trio; Marcelo Rúben Aires, prominent name of the drums at national level, founding member of Sullen and Rei Bruxo; Guilherme Lapa, bassist and founding member of the collectives Grão a Grão and Sono; Daniel Martinho, who was a Young Resident at Casa da Música and creator of the album “Genealogy”; Tatiana Rosa, audiovisual artist, electronics and flutist residing in Amsterdam; Patrícia Lestre, voice, ukulele and arranger of What You Want; Frederic Cardoso, clarinetist who has won several prizes in national and international competitions and dedicates a significant part of his work to chamber music and contemporary music; and the multi-instrumentalist musician André Lourenço, founding member of the collectives Trash Panda Collective and Pinturas Negras, residing in Amsterdam.

Ricardo Pinto was responsible for mixing and mastering “Lloc Comú”. The graphic design is by João Pedro Fonseca (Zabra).

Dullmea is a project that explores the infinite possibilities of voice and electronics. His discography includes the albums “Keter” (2016), “Hemisphaeria” (2019), and [dʊl’mjə̯] (2020). At the end of 2021, he releases “Orduak”, an album that was acclaimed by national and international critics. Dullmea has performed live in the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, and the UK. He composes music for the theatre.

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