Los Cavakitos are back with the new single “Lo que quieres tu?”

After a year of “celibacy”, Los Cavakitos are back.

While confined, Mariachis Tugas had time to think and rethink, to compose new songs and to give importance to what is really important.

And what is really important? For Los Cavakitos the most important thing is to live life to the fullest, to be in good spirits and love.

It is not “Love” at a distance, but “that” Forbidden Love, from touching, hugging and kissing. “What do you want?” is the latest original single from Los Cavakitos, a party song that celebrates life, touch and “that” forbidden love. The mix of sounds from Mexico with sounds like the Portuguese guitar, traditional percussions and typical Portuguese rhythms give more and more meaning to the concept of “Mexical”.

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