Los Cavakitos present the single “Lobito Mariachi”

Los Cavakitos brings with them a revelation, the true story of Little Red Riding Hood.

“History that was born in Mexical, and that contrary to what everyone thinks, after all Lobo was innocent, he didn’t eat his grandmother, he just had an affair with Capuchin, who in turn was a proud young woman, full of certainties… question is when they are discovered by the Hunter… ”

Authored by Pedro da Silva Martins (author of all songs by the group Deolinda and other artists and performers such as Mariza, Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Claud, Cristina Branco, Cuca Roseta, Lena D`Água, Helder Moutinho, Melech Mechaya, Anabela , Marafona, Sergio Godinho, Rita Redshoes ..), arrangement and interpretation by Los Cavakitos, “Lobito Mariachi” is an unprecedented song that was born from the invitation made to it, in which the author immersed himself in the “fantastic” universe of Mariachis de Mexical.


As musicians adept at Mariachi culture, on March 14, 2015 they decided to debut live Los Cavakitos.
A collective of 6 musicians in which Mariachi’s good humor and sonority is always present both for its rhythm, sonority and vocal polyphonies.

After the debut, the route has always been gradual and already playing twice in the Coliseu dos Recreios (II Gala Honoris of Sporting Clube de Portugal and Special Guests of the GNR concert – Caixa Negra), Coliseu of Porto (Special Guests of the GNR concert – Caixa Negra), at Aula Magna (Special Guests of Rui Júnior and Toca a Rufar – 1st Bombo Congress), at Sol da Caparica Festival (Special Guests at the GNR concert in 2018), sharing several stages together with bands such as Melech Mechaya or the DAMA and for so many other stages in the country.

In 2019 at the invitation of the musician and hip-hop producer X-Tense, they partner with the musician in the songs Bolero and Yolanda authored by him, being the first gold single with more than 2,500,000 views on Youtube. With several passages on television programs such as “5 for Midnight”, “Queridas Manhãs”, “Juntos à Tarde”, “É a Vida Alvim”, “Você na Tv”, “Cristina”, “Olhó Baião”, ” Agora Nós ”, Los Cavakitos also participated in TVI’s soap opera“ A Herdeira ”.

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