Loures receives new edition of Saloio Caracol Festival

Loures receives until july 29th another edition of the Caracol Saloio Festival, the biggest competition of the kind that takes place between us.
In this festival with unique characteristics, visitors can enjoy a varied range of dishes made with this snack.
To the traditional baked snails and roast beef, the tasquinhas present dishes as diverse and innovative as the snail with the bulhão duck, açorda of snail, curry of caracoleta with rice, feijoada of caracoleta, fuzzili of caracoleta or snail to Rossini. The price of the average dish is 5.5 €.
In the desserts there are also snails: éclair, cream cake and snail bonbon. This event that attracts thousands of people (more than 100 thousand visitors last year, who consumed 20 tons of snails and drank 42 thousand liters of beer) is held next to the Paz e Amizade pavilion, with free admission.
The Saloio Caracol Festival also has musical animation, handicrafts and children/youth animation.

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