LoureShopping creates video mapping fashion catalog

Have you ever imagined having a fashion catalog designed on your body?

Between November 29th and December 1st, it could be the supermodel you always dreamed of! Step into the magic box, choose your favorite outfit and the setting that suits you best, and have fun trying out all this Fall/Winter fashion trends at LoureShopping!

After dressing up supermodel Heidi Klum with her digital creations and, recently, presenter Bárbara Guimarães for a beautiful digital tribute, the Oskar & Gaspar collective again combines digital creativity and fashion with Fashion Insta Box.

The collective has developed a unique and innovative experience that allows each visitor to become the model of the Fall / Winter collection parade. By entering the box, you can virtually experience the various store fashion coordinates such as Fashion badges: SPRINGFIELD, STRADIVARIUS, BERSHKA, PULL & BEAR, OYSHO, ALDO, PROMOD, WOMEN’SECRET, ZARA and C&A.

In total, a set of 30 digitally animated fashion coordinates will be available, selected by a stylists team, with pieces for women, men and children. All designed coordinates are part of the new store collections available at LoureShopping, so visitors can easily see the ‘real’ pieces after the immersive experience.

Visitors can also have fun photographing their favorite ensemble, filming and sharing their session with friends and family, inviting them to participate in this digital magic too!

To enjoy this immersive experience, visitors should head to the entrance of Fashion Insta Box, located on Level 1, next to Trofa Saúde Hospital.

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