Lourinhã hosts the gastronomic fortnight of the octopus

Showcookings and activities in the museum space “Olhar o Mar”

The initiative runs from the 19th to the 29th of May. The 2022 edition has 25 participating restaurants and activities promoted by the Municipality of Lourinhã

From the 19th to the 29th of May, Lourinhã hosts the 13th edition of the Two weeks of Octopus Gastronomy, an annual initiative that seeks to honour one of its most distinctive indigenous products.

In all, there are 25 participating establishments to present suggestions for dishes in which the octopus is the protagonist. From the most inventive approaches to traditional confections, the XIII Two weeks of Octopus Gastronomy will offer delicacies such as octopus tempura, octopus stew, octopus à Batalha do Vimeiro or octopus biscuit with orange and red fruit compote.

In addition to the catering offer, the Municipality of Lourinhã has scheduled a set of parallel initiatives. On May 15, at 10 am, the Municipal Market, in Praia da Areia Branca, hosts a showcooking with Chef Roberto Lopes. Another show-cooking is scheduled for May 21, at 10 am, this time at Lourinhã Municipal Market, this time with Chef Ana Batista, both Startup Lourinhã entrepreneurs. Also on May 21, the Ribamar Museum Space “Olhar o Mar promotes a day with several different activities: at 2:30 pm it’s Story Time/Drama; at 2:45 pm there will be a Plastic Arts Workshop; at 3:30 pm, a Yoga session is scheduled for Children (O Polvo Coceguinhas); and, throughout the day, the Museum Space “Olhar o Mar” will provide instructions and materials for a family activity to clean the county’s beaches.

The restaurants have also prepared a calendar of initiatives, including live music, wine tastings and discounts on accommodation.

In addition to promoting our culinary tradition, the Quinzena Gastronómica do Polvo is an invitation to discover the Lourinhã region. It is in this sense that, over the years, we have been promoting activities for the whole family, presenting the various points of interest – from our beaches to museum spaces such as “Olhar o Mar” ” explains João Serra, the councillor with the Tourism department of the Lourinhã City Council.

For us, the pedagogical nature of these initiatives is also very important. And, given the connection we have to the sea, activities such as cleaning the beaches help to raise awareness of sustainability and environmental issues, which are so important for our region,” he adds.

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