Low confirmed for a single concert at Casa da Música

Misty Fest

The global recognition given to Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk’s Low reflects 27 years of intense dedication to music, a long history that translates into a celebrated discography that spans 13 albums.

Hey What‘, the latest from this duo from Duluth, in Minnesota, was released last September through the North American Sub Pop and won a fair place in most of the lists with which the specialized press summarizes the best of each year in the brings. From ‘Wire to Mojo’ and from ‘Uncut to Pitchfork’ no one has missed this tremendous work by Low. Vocal harmonies of infinite beauty and cavernous guitars are the unique recipes for ‘Hey What’, work that will then bring Low back to Portugal for a very special concert that will take place at Casa da Música on October 31st.

Unique opportunity to applaud a creative musical entity that the Guardian assured, in its effusive review of ‘Hey What’, was magnificently redefining rock: “Low felt like a unique band from the start. A practising Mormon couple dedicated to playing so softly and slowly as possible,” wrote Alexis Petridis. Much has changed since that start, but Mimi and Alan’s passionate delivery remains unchanged. Unmissable.

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