Lu Mourelle exhibits “Pop Drops” at Armazéns do Chiado

After a period of confinement that deprived the entire city of access to cultural and artistic experiences, Armazéns do Chiado, a center run by Multi Portugal, marks the return of active life to the city with a very special exhibition.

As of May 10, as part of the ARTE XXIADO project, Lu Mourelle, a renowned Brazilian artist, presents “Pop Drops”, a selection of his most recent works, now renewed so that the whole city can see them, until June 25 along the corridor on the 5th floor of the shopping center.

For this exhibition, the artist, who has already performed at the 12th Florence Biennial in 2019 and with a curriculum rich in exhibitions throughout Europe and America, transformed some of her original works and reproduced them with new resources, interferences, and colors.

The end result? A fun and challenging insertion in the multiple female universe, with pop art representations of self-confident, sensitive, and true women, which can be enjoyed for more than a month in the heart of the city of Lisbon.

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