Luca Argel presents “Sabina”

February 22nd

The new album combines electrified Afro-Brazilian sounds that wink at rock, funk, and, of course, samba, which Luca Argel and his band had already turned inside out on “Samba de Guerrilha“.

Equally loaded with poetry and messages, Sabina is, however, the most solar and danceable work that the Portuguese-Brazilian singer-songwriter has ever conceived. Words and sounds are praise and spell, food for body and mind.


  • 23 March 2023 – b.Leza, Lisbon
  • 26 March 2023 – Novo Ático – Coliseu Porto Ageas, Porto

Two years after presenting “Samba de Guerrilha”, Luca Argel is back with “Sabina”, the fourth album of originals, where he recovers and honors the history and myth of a greengrocer who was a symbol of the persistence of racism after the abolition of slavery and an example of the street solidarity that, historically, has faced it.

An album that is born at the crossroads where myth and history meet, rescuing the past as a projection of all the struggles of the present.

Sabina” recalls the story of a woman whose life is known little more than what happened in the space of a few days, when she suddenly became a political symbol and then disappeared, and returned as a legend. Sabina would have been an orange seller at a historic moment in Brazil recently freed from slavery, and at the door of the fall of the monarchical regime. In the midst of a dispute between imperial and republican elites, a simple orange seller made this juice spill through the streets of the capital of the then Empire of Brazil. This is how this journey through time begins, following the trail of a mysterious character, whose legend reveals much about our own nature and the gears that move our societies.

If in “Samba de Guerrilha” Luca rescues the political history of samba, its protagonists, and the preponderant role they played in the fight against slavery, racism, poverty, and the military dictatorship, in “Sabina” the focus is directed to “ enchanted body of the streets” and to the actors and actresses of everyday life where the story unfolds, builds and disputes beyond the official narratives.

“Sabina”, as a character and street legend, is a symbol of post-abolition tensions and the racism that follows it, and at the same time an example of popular solidarity that is little studied and reported, but which indelibly marks the course of societies in which we live. Who narrates the events is the Brazilian historian Luiz Antonio Simas, to whom the Luso-Angolan actress Nádia Yracema, an accomplice of Luca Argel in the show “Samba de Guerrilha”, lends her voice.

The sound journey through Sabina’s adventure will be released on Vinyl, CD, and digital platforms on February 22, 2023, complemented by a comic book edition, illustrated by Brazilian artist Allan Matias.

This new work by Luca Argel is presented live on March 23, 2023, at b.Leza in Lisbon and on March 26 at Novo Ático – Coliseu Porto Ageas in Porto.

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