Luca Argel – Samba de Guerrilha em cena

Teatro São Luiz and Coliseu do Porto

Multifaceted show with music, history and image returns to the stage in Lisbon and Porto

April 21 , Teatro São Luiz, Lisbon
April 27, Porto Coliseu

Luca Argel, Portuguese-Brazilian singer-songwriter residing in Portugal for more than 10 years, returns to present his show “Samba de Guerrilha EM CENA” in the two largest cities in the country

With shows scheduled for two of the most emblematic concert halls in Portugal, Luca Argel returns to the stage with Nádia Yracema and her “guerrilla band” for the staging of his latest album “Samba de Guerrilha”.

On the 21st of April “Samba de Guerrilha EM CENA” takes the stage at Teatro São Luiz in Lisbon and then on the 27th of April as part of the Festival DDD – Dias da Dança, in what is one of the most iconic venues of Porto: the Porto Coliseum.

Samba de Guerrilha EM CENA” is a show that presents the latest album by Luca Argel with all its components. Music, history and image will combine on stage to tell the trajectory of this centenary Brazilian genre that went through many battles before achieving social acceptance, and represents the struggle of black and peripheral populations in search of recognition, rights and dignity.

These stagings feature narration by Nádia Yracema (Aurora Negra), multimedia scenography designed in real-time by António Jorge Gonçalves and music, of course, by Luca Argel and his band.

Recently the artist was also confirmed at Rock in Rio 2022 in Lisbon, in a concert to take place on June 25 at Galp Music Valley.

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