Luciano Mello & Orchestra Falsa anticipate album Vida Portátil with single “Vazio”

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“Vazio” is the first single from Luciano Mello’s latest album, Vida Portátil.

His inspiration came from an unnoticed piece of news that the composer read in a newspaper and which told how a young Brazilian went to Portugal, more precisely to Porto, to find the love of his life, a love he met on the internet and when he arrived, he saw nothing, saw no one, found everything empty.

When looking for love on social networks, the young man found that everything had been erased, there was no trace of who had called him. Luciano knows that this is not the first time that such a story has happened and that it may not be the last, the internet and its technology allow someone to personify themselves in a non-existent desire and that it simply vanishes during someone else’s flight.

“I was moved reading the story of a person who puts together what little he has to find someone who doesn’t exist, or rather, a soulless robot that tested the limits of trust and the vulnerable sensitivity of an individual who believed in something that never existed.”

Without giving away what happened, Mello presents details of the real story that can now serve as the basis for any disenchantment. The artist believes that when pain is sung, evil is purged, and with it hope is planted, the real matter that makes man live and endure difficult days.

With a contemporary arrangement consisting of an acoustic piano, an analog synthesizer, a looped drum machine, and voice, Mello forges his False Orchestra, the secret orchestra in which he plays or simulates all the instruments.

The release of Vazio, on September 24th, also has a video clip by visual artist Patrick Tedesco who proposed images of the artist in a position of helplessness, as someone who arrives at a place he does not know, someone who wants to disappear from everywhere, someone in disintegration.

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