Luís Coelho presents his first album ‘Contos de Cordas’

Centro Cultural de Belém

Guitarist Luís Coelho, presented his first work at Centro Cultural de Belém, ‘Contos de Cordas’ in a show where, in the company of Salomé Pais Matos on harp and Carlos Menezes on double bass, he showed all his talent on guitar.

Contos de Cordas” an album of original compositions by him, is based on sounds of the Portuguese guitar, classical guitar, double bass and harp, inspired by traditional Portuguese music and classical music, with the seal of the Museu do Fado Edições.

In the words of the composer “The abandonment of the Portuguese guitar led me to create a dialectical relationship with it. Those who indulge, are intoxicated by its timbre and often imagine words in the moaning or screaming sounds of its strings as if the guitar itself speak to us… The enchantment can be such that it transports us to a time in which oral traditions – and tales – made us look inside ourselves and our fado. time” that we are passionate about and that is documented here through the intimate language of the stories, in a narrative between the strings of the Portuguese guitar, harp and double bass, with some notes of fado viola and accordion.

Luís Coelho has accompanied the renowned names of Fado, on the Portuguese guitar, including Paulo Bragança, Joana Amendoeira and Aldina Duarte, a passion that started around the age of 12 when his father, an amateur musician, offered him a classical guitar, from whom he also inherited a taste for fado and the Portuguese guitar.

The guitarist attended the National Conservatory, in Lisbon, and later holds a degree in Portuguese Guitar, at the Superior School of Applied Arts, in Castelo Branco.

This work has 12 songs, all of his authorship, with some happier themes, others where sadness and anguish prevail, such as “Gáudio“, “Saudade“, “Inconstância“, “Niilismo” with the collaboration of bassist Sofia Neide, “Frustração“, “Fado do Lirismo” with the participation of Carlos Leitão on the viola, “A Vida no Campo” with Luís Peixoto on “sanfona” and “Crepúsculo” with Pedro Janela, in the arrangement of strings and synthesizers.

Enlace” is another of the themes he presented at the CCB, dedicated to his wife, present in the auditorium and who, in the words of the author, was “made to think of two hearts that unite“.

Another excellent CCB/EGEAC-Fado Museum co-production integrated in “Há Fado no Cais

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